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- OM - 

Our mission is simple.  

We are artists with the purpose of creating positive energy through our art and design. 

We believe creating art/objects made with positive intention and humor will bring about those same qualities wherever they go. 


We love collaborating with different makers around the world with similar goals.  Making sustainable objects into something cool and super fun is our passion. 

Are you a sustainable and ethical company trying to

make a positive impact for our world?  

If there is a greater purpose in what you do,

we want to be part of your mission. 


Get in touch with us.

We would love to meet you!

In lieu of the climate crisis, we believe more than ever in the importance of creating less waste.  We dream of a world where consumers and makers both take responsibility towards making a difference.  We removed all excess packaging and labels in hopes of creating less waste.  All product information is detailed in our website.  Although this may seem inconvenient, we believe that we can all benefit in making our home, our only home, a better place for future generations.  Thank you for your understanding and your efforts towards zero waste.

SooJ & Jef


SooJ Lee


Jeffrey Castro


CTRL+ALT: A Culture Lab on Imagined Futures / NYC / 2016

NY Asian Film Festival / NYC / 2014

Smithsonian's "I Want the Wide American Earth" Asian American History Exhibit / Washington DC / 2013

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